IT’S ALL about me

You can never be too sure where a meeting through Craigslist will land you.  Stuffed in a trunk perhaps?  Personal assistant to a delusional glassblower/organic farmer/professional creeper (just off the top of my head!)  Three years ago just such a meeting landed me a super sweet gig at Apple Brides.  Suddenly the girl who didn’t even own a computer (or have a Facebook page….eeekk!) was spending her every waking moment behind the screen of a MacBook Pro (thanks mom!)  My official title is “Marketing & Sales Manager” but more and more of my time is spent blogging and styling.  And now a little more about me…

I’m a professional dress wrangler


I love styling parties


I think I was a floral designer in another life


I love incorporating balloons in shoots


I’m a DIY darling…if I can’t find what I want for a shoot I’ll make it


Guess which one is me…


Now wasn’t that so fun that we should work together?!

Call:  (208) 640-3849